4mm thick 100% Nitrile Rubber with chevron molded pattern on the wear surface. Standard sizes only.


Made from 100% Nitrile Rubber.

Chevron patterned cushioned cleats on surface.

Various Standard Sizes: 75 x 45cm; 150 x 90cm; 150 x 120cm / 150 x 180cm; 300 x

90cm; 400 x 90cm / 400 x 120cm

Mat thickness: 5mm

Colour: Black.

Unique Features

Moulded recess well to trap dirt and moisture.

Containment border all around the edges to contain dirt and moisture until cleaning.

Cushioning cleats on surface to fight fatigue.

Nitrile rubber is hard wearing, non-slip and lays flat

Hosed down with water for easy maintenance.

Detergent can be used for stubborn dirt.


Longevity: 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Takes the strain off legs and feet.

Non-slip and won’t stain the floor.


Indoor or outdoor